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The Sweaty Dutchman's Story

After more than a decade of fine-tuning, we have what you see today

The name, The Sweaty Dutchman, originates from my coffee roasting days in Johannesburg. As I believed it to be important to master the art of roasting coffee I simply had to do it myself and experiment with different coffees. The traditional drum-roasting machines which run at 200C or higher,

would make it a sweaty affair. And standing from early hours in the morning till late night, roasting, blending, grinding and packing is physically demanding. Not many days went by without a drop of sweat!

The Sweaty Dutchman's Awards

Awards given to the sweaty Dutchman for quality and service

Made With Passion

A Town Called Kareedouw

Of all the places in South Africa - Kareedouw stole my heart

Why Kareedouw? No particular town was on my mind, when I decided to move from Centurion to the ‘Platteland’.


Exploring parts of the country was next and in doing so came to travel the ‘Langkloof’, or the Eastern Cape section of Cape Route 62. Had to fill up with petrol at ‘Kemp Motors’ in Kareedouw, got talking and came back the following day to meet one of the ‘established’ locals, Mr. Strydom, who has a vast knowledge of the area and its history. It was through meeting him that ultimately I ended up buying the old, original farm house in town.


I wanted to move to a town that had not been discovered yet, that was not ‘on the map’ and that in my assessment would not boom; a town that is not too isolated but relatively central, close to the sea and in the mountains, amidst unspoiled nature with a temperate climate! That’s all I wanted and Kareedouw offered just that.


I had no plans except for taking a year off and settling in into the new surroundings. I did however join the chamber of business and it was through this institution that about a year and a half after having arrived in Kareedouw I ended up taking over a local coffee shop.


The Sweaty Dutchman gave name to a whole new coffee shop. The interior was completely changed, a terrace and guest toilets were built and for the first time in its history Kareedouw saw an Italian espresso machine in town!


The Sweaty Dutchman specialises in coffees and Dutch pancakes. The coffees are roasted to spec and the espresso coffees are a house blend. The now famous Dutch pancakes bring patrons from all over South Africa to Kareedouw.


Our town is small but has the basic amenities, medical services and accommodation. Ideally situated as a gateway to the Tsitsikamma as it nestles on the north facing slopes of this well-known area. The famous and beautiful Baviaanskloof is on our doorstep as well as the unspoiled Kougamountains. For both the active and not so active nature lovers here lies a world to be explored and enjoyed, whether one enjoys walking, mtb-cycling, off-road motorcycling, 4x4-ing or camping.